About Kirstin


Kirstin is an Enrolled Agent whose goal is to keep as much money out of the government’s hands as possible. She does this by working one-on-one with clients to maximize their tax savings. She affectionately calls this her “passive-aggressive way of sticking it to The Man.”

She also has a lot of experience in the GAAP bookkeeping world and loves geeking out on all the numbers. Her favorite part of The Accountant was when they were finding the missing money…not all the shoot ’em up stuff!

She’s an ambivert (it’s really a thing!) – she recharges by being alone after being around some people, but when she’s around Her People…look out…she ends up with so much energy she has to go run on a treadmill (which she does not do on purpose, ever!).

Her happy place is the beach - a stark contrast to her home in Colorado!