New Year's Resolutions

It's getting to be that time again...time to start thinking about changes you will make in your business. Even when things are going great, most people tend to look at January 1st as a new start of something. Here are some possible things you may want to try:

New Bookkeeping Software

Whether you've been a paper-and-pencil bookkeeper or you've been using some software already, perhaps it's time to switch to something else. Xero and Quickbooks Online are both powerful cloud-based bookkeeping solutions that can make your work so much easier. And the beginning of the year is a natural time to transition to a new system.

Staying Caught Up

Let's face it, we all start out with good intentions. We start out each year determined to reconcile our bank statements immediately. We promise ourselves that we will enter transactions weekly - no! daily! - and print out our financial statements monthly so we can stay on track. But then life and work get in the way and we get behind.

January 1st is a great time to regroup, set up new systems, and try again.


Budgets are essential to a profitable business. This time of year is perfect for setting up or adjusting a budget for the year to come. Looking over our previous year's income and expenses can help plan accordingly.

Trying Out New Income Streams

Have you been pondering giving something a try? Perhaps now is the time! With bookkeeping software it is easy to track whether this idea is worth it or not.

Hiring Help

Do some or all of these things look daunting to you? As much as you'd love to implement these changes, maybe you feel like you're already in over your head, and these wonderful ideas would just be too much? Consider hiring a bookkeeper to help you with these tasks. He/she can enter the transactions into the software, track the new income stream, help you budget, and more. The expense is minimal compared to what you will earn through profits and save from stress. January 1st is a perfect time to let a bookkeeper help with your goals for your business.

Kirstin ReederComment