We help small business owners in the travel and tourism industry increase cash flow through all seasons.

I help small business owners in the travel and tourism industry
increase cash flow through all seasons


During the busy season you’re just plain BUSY. Running your operations, keeping your customers happy, making sure everything is “just so.” Who has time to keep up with the books at that time of year?

And then during the off season…looking at the books just isn't much fun! Cash flow? What is THAT when business is slower?

So back to the busy season we go…and it just keeps on going around and around this way. Taxes are getting filed, so at least enough bookkeeping is done to stay compliant. But that’s pretty much it.

What if I told you that you could do more with your business books than simple tax compliance?

Things like:

  • Having all the information you need to decide whether to expand.

  • Not scrambling when the bank asks for financial statements for a small loan you want to take out

  • Being able to evaluate whether this new operation is as successful as you think it is. Or should you focus on THAT operation?

  • Knowing whether you can afford to hire the additional help you need

Imagine how knowing these answers can transform your business!

I can help.

I partner with travel and tourism operators and provide bookkeeping services and expertise so they can do more than just file their taxes each year. I assist in making growth and profit achievable and sustainable. I also show them ways to make their cash flow less sporadic, even during the off season.

People come to you to lower their stress levels. Allow me to do the same for you.



What My Clients Are Saying:

When we first hired Kirstin, we were in a bookkeeping mess. She took over – with a vengeance! Not only did she dive into learning about every aspect of our business so she could better serve us, she also went backwards and forwards in our books, finding errors and correcting them, and overall cleaning up everything. She was diligent and hardworking, attacking every problem with a can-do attitude, and seemingly never resting until she was able to get an answer for every single issue, whether small or large. In addition to just ‘doing her job,’ she is always coming to me with questions and suggestions about how we might fine-tune our accounts to make the data work better for us.

Kirstin is reliable, knowledgeable, conscientious, and detail-oriented. She doesn’t settle for ‘good enough,’ but rather works tirelessly to get to ‘excellent’ or ‘perfect.’ Honestly … I don’t know when she sleeps. But I sure sleep better knowing she is on top of all of her responsibilities as they relate to our company. I couldn’t recommend her more.
— Elisa Mohr, Vice President, Gondola Adventures, Inc.



I work with your tax preparer at tax time so that you pay the lowest tax prep fees and the lowest taxes possible. And my services? They are tax deductible!

No worries about unexpected hourly fees from me - I don't bill by the hour! You pay the same fee every month that we agree upon at the beginning.

I work completely virtually, which means I can work with anyone, anywhere.

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